World War 2 Stories, Articles and News



January 23, 2013


Before and After D-Day: LIFE in England and France, 1944


January 22, 2013


Spielberg And HBO Going Back To World War II


January 14, 2013


Nuclear weapons didn’t end World War II!


January 13, 2013


National World War II Museum opens newest addition: the Freedom Pavilion


January 9, 2013


How Monopoly Games Helped Allied POWs Escape during WW2


January 3, 2013


New Details Emerge on World War II ‘Tsunami Bomb’ Project


December 19, 2012


The Boy Who Became a World War II Veteran at 13 Years Old


December 13, 2012


Map of London Blitz Puts World War II in Perspective


November 21, 2012


The Brink of Oblivion: Inside Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939-1940


November 16, 2012


'Hero of Telemark' foiled Nazi weapons program


November 14, 2012


Fairfax County World War II veteran: ‘I’m the last one’


Rare German World War Two Enigma Machine Sold


November 12, 2012


D-Day And ‘The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc’


November 2, 2012


Britons try to decode D-Day pigeon message


October 18, 2012


The Ghosts of World War II


October 17, 2012


British Spitfire planes to be dug up in Myanmar


October 8, 2012


New-York Historical's World War Two in NYC Exhibit Opens


October 7, 2012


Commander Bill King obituary


October 2, 2012


The rocket that wrought carnage in London during the Blitz - and took us to the moon: Hitler's V-2 is 70 years old


September 30, 2012


Big WWII-era gun comes to Golden Gate


September 21, 2012


Hitler's military bunker in Poland to be turned into a museum


September 7, 2012


PT-658, last remaining operable PT boat from World War II, named to National Register of Historic Places


August 29, 2012


The Welsh policeman who helped Britain win World War Two


August 18, 2012


The Allies Second Front in World War II: Why Were Canadian Troops Sacrificed at Dieppe?


August 18, 2012


Secret files shed new light on Dieppe


August 15, 2012


Japan Marks 67th Anniversary of WWII's End


August 13, 2012


Hiroshima and Nagasaki: the reckoning


August 12, 2012


Front-row seat for closing act of World War II


August 11, 2012


Sailor and nurse who were pictured kissing in celebration of end of second world war are reunited in Times Square 67 years later


August 1, 2012


The Greatest WWII General You Never Heard Of


August 1, 2012


German WWII Submarine Discovered Off Nantucket Coast


July 30, 2012


'Double Cross,' by Ben Macintyre


July 8, 2012


Report: Hitler ordered reprieve to Jewish man


Battleship Iowa goes great guns on museum opening day


July 7, 2012


'Agent Garbo,' The Spy Who Lied About D-Day


June 28, 2012


British Memorial Honors World War II Bomber Crews


June 27, 2012


Bomber Command fliers in their own words


June 23, 2012


World War II Soccer Match Echoes Through Time


June 21, 2012


World War II plane found in Russian lake


June 15, 2012


19 Incredible British Propaganda Posters From World War Two


June 7, 2012


Battle of Midway: A reversal of fortune


June 6, 2012


On 68th D-Day anniversary, WWII veterans visit memorial that honors them


June 6, 2012


D-Day Anniversary Marked With Release Of Rare Color Photos


June 6, 2012


France honors 'Band of Brothers' leader on anniversary of D-Day invasion in World War II


May 14, 2012


WWII battleship to begin transformation into L.A. museum


May 11, 2012


World War II fighter found in Egyptian desert


May 7, 2012


May 7, 1945 - Nazi Germany Surrenders in World War II


May 2, 2012


Dogfight Over Buried WWII Spitfires in Burma


May 2, 2012


Doolittle’s World War II raid celebrated


May 1, 2012


OSS agent who led WWII rescue of more than 500 US airmen shot down by Nazis dies in NY


May 1, 2012


World War II Museum in New Orleans is expecting to get its 3 millionth visitor


May 1, 2012


World War II Photos: Stunning Pictures Show Americans In The 1940s


April 30, 2012


Book review: Second World War Infantry Tactics by Stephen Bull


April 30, 2012


Double Cross: the True Story of D-Day Spies by Ben Macintyre: review


April 26, 2012


Rare second world war-era German warplane found in Denmark


April 6, 2012


Sisters plan Pacific trip to honor WWII hero uncle


April 2, 2012


Remembering the final battle of World War II


April 9, 2012


Japan reiterates apologies for WWII atrocities


April 8, 2012


Hell Above Earth: The Incredible True Story of an American WWII Bomber Commander and the Copilot Ordered to Kill Him by Stephen Frater


Rudolf Hess: Inside the mind of Hitler's deputy


March 29, 2012


Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies by Ben Macintyre


March 27, 2012


“Top Secret Rosies” exposes unknown WWII history


National Archives Announces Discovery of Nazi Looted-Art Volumes


March 19, 2012


WWII battleship USS Iowa overhauled in Richmond, becomes floating museum


March 19, 2012


James Morehead, World War II Flying Ace, Dies at 95


March 19, 2012


Allied forces 'planned to arm Vichy France in World War II', secret documents reveal


March 17, 2012


Former Nazi guard Demjanjuk dies in Germany aged 91


March 15, 2012


Britain’s World War II codebreakers tell their story


March 14, 2012


US vets, Japanese mark 67th anniversary of Iwo Jima, one of World War II’s bloodiest battles


March 12, 2012


George Kerchner, Army Ranger who led D-Day attack on German gun positions, dies at 93


March 10, 2012


Big guns from the battleship Missouri find new homes


March 2, 2012


Air Force women trace history to World War II


February 25, 2012


Researchers, museum push to open UN archive documenting World War II cases


February 20, 2012


Darwin bombing anniversary gains official significance


February 17, 2012


Hitler had son with French teen


Japan Wages War — Over What to Name the Last One


MI5 files: Nazi plot to destroy British currency with forgeries


February 16, 2012


Body of WWII RAF ace finally found


February 14, 2012


POW children mark 70th anniversary of fall of Singapore


February 13, 2012


Life on the front lines: Extremely rare colour photos of U.S. troops before and after D-Day show World War II in brand new light


February 8, 2012


Epic battle right choice for Russia’s first Imax movie


February 6, 2012


Eisenhower as Barefoot Boy? Family Objects to a Memorial


January 31, 2012


A Real-Life Treasure Hunt: Local Divers to Recover $3 Billion From Sunken World War II Ship off the Cape


January 29, 2012


‘Red Tails’ a disservice to Tuskegee Airmen


January 28, 2012


Book Review: World War ll Plans That Never Happened 1939-45


January 25, 2012


Japanese Intelligence Successes in World War II


January 23, 2012


Poland aims to boost tourism at Hitler's WWII lair


January 22, 2012


Drains reveal war massacre secret


January 18, 2012


Red Tails: Film Review


German Intelligence Successes in World War II


January 17, 2012


WWII veteran honored almost 70 years after heroism


January 13, 2012


Putin attends funeral of legendary WWII Soviet spy


January 11, 2012


US diving crew finds wreck of British submarine used in second world war


Raiders of the Lost Art? George Clooney to Make Movie About Nazi-Loot Hunters


British prisoner of War stitched hidden anti-Hitler message into Nazi quilt


January 10, 2012


Eisenhowers want memorial redesigned


January 3, 2012


Why World War II spy planes used pink camouflage


December 30, 2011


There’s an App for That: World War II Posters


Code of silence lifts on World War II's crack unit


December 29, 2011


Britain’s first double agent: the spy who tricked us all


December 26, 2011


Close encounters with kamikazes


December 25, 2011


Christmas 1941: With world at war, Churchill joins FDR for Washington Yule


December 24, 2011


Black Navy veteran credited with saving lives of World War II shipmates finally awarded medal [Washington Post - Article Removed]


December 16, 2011


Dec. 1941: A world at war, changed forever


December 12, 2011


The TRUE story behind famous photo of four female firefighters tackling blaze during Pearl Harbor


December 8, 2011


At last, a memorial to the forgotten heroes of Britain’s 'Pearl Harbour’


December 7, 2011


Author retells story of World War II heroes


December 6, 2011


Pearl Harbor Still a Day for the Ages, but a Memory Almost Gone


December 4, 2011


Pearl Harbour memo shows US warned of Japanese attack


November 27, 2011


Historians write about Pearl Harbor


November 26, 2011


Holocaust victims database aims to restore lost identities


November 23, 2011


Secret missions, D-Day and the horrors of Belsen


Six Year Project To Tweet WWII Has Begun


November 19, 2011


The Real James Bond: Ian Fleming’s Commandos Reviewed


November 17, 2011


Medvedev: Distortion of World War II outcomes “a moral crime”


November 5, 2011


New book 'Inferno' offers all-emcompassing history of World War II


November 4, 2011


“Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945,” by Max Hastings


October 31, 2011


How Stalin wanted to imprison and torture Nazis in secret


How two sisters and their brother wrought havoc behind Nazi lines during Second World War


October 27, 2011


USS Iowa begins final mission as museum


Military museums offer thrills, noted collections


Japanese WWII submarine found off Papua New Guinea


October 19, 2011


Book claims Hitler escaped to Argentina


October 15, 2011


Still Forgotten


September 8, 2011


'Russian Anne Frank' diary published


St. Petersburg marks 70 years of Leningrad Siege


September 7, 2011


Once berthed in RI, WWII battleship heads for LA


September 6, 2011


How a Chevrolet engine helped five men escape from the Nazis


September 1, 2011


In Photos: Life During World War II


Sept. 1, 1939 | Nazi Germany Invades Poland, Starting World War II


August 31, 2011


World War II flying ace dies


August 30, 2011


Nazi minister Joseph Goebbels' wartime secretary breaks silence after 66 years


August 21, 2011


Cromwell died preserving World War II secret


August 18, 2011


A very bitter end


August 17, 2011


Albert Brown dies at 105; oldest survivor of Bataan Death March


August 16, 2011


Biography claims Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy


August 15, 2011


Japan marks World War II surrender anniversary


August 13, 2011


Nancy Wake, Proud Spy and Nazi Foe, Dies at 98


August 11, 2011


Rare Color Photos from World War 2 Era


August 9, 2011


Divers explore WWII sunken shipwrecks, aircraft


August 8, 2011


Churchill's 'secret agent' recounts WW II exploits


August 4, 2011


Book details press censorship in Second World War


August 3, 2011


Training plane used by Tuskegee Airmen given to Smithsonian


August 2, 2011


Minter’s Ring: The Story of One World War II POW


August 1, 2011


Raoul Wallenberg and the theories surrounding his death


Noted World War II Military Historian William L. McGee Selects National Museum of the Pacific War as Recipient of Research and Writing Files


July 30, 2011


Secret diaries of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele offer glimpse into twisted mind


July 29, 2011


On Jeep's 70th Anniversary: In Search Of "The Greatest Generation"


‘Red Tails’ Trailer: George Lucas-Produced WWII Film Finally Takes Off


July 28, 2011


’40s Propaganda Posters: Soviet Morale Boosters


Isle of Wight's sunken World War II tanks studied


July 21, 2011


World War II glider, military museum opens


July 20, 2011


Amazing colour pictures of London under siege from Nazi bombers during World War II


Mengele Nazi Diaries Could Fetch $1 Million


Pearl Harbor skull could date to World War II


July 19, 2011


Japan and US hold tea ceremony at Pearl Harbor


July 18, 2011


Finding out grandfather was an SS officer


July 15, 2011


Brazilian researchers find WWII German submarine


July 13, 2011


Nazi nuclear waste from Hitler's secret A-bomb programme found in mine


July 11, 2011


Polish World War II battle hero Aleksy Kowalik dies aged 96


July 10, 2011


Ceremony honors Jews killed by Polish neighbors


Alva Perry: World War II Marine survived Saipan, Iwo Jima, won Silver Star


July 7, 2011


Books: Review - The Burma Campaigns – Disaster to Triumph 1942-45. By Frank McLynn


July 4, 2011


Breaking the Nazis' Enigma codes at Bletchley Park


June 30, 2011


When Britain aided the Soviet Union in World War Two


June 23, 2011


Rare photos: Hitler and his victims


June 22, 2011


Russia marks 70th anniversary of the start of WWII


Nazi photo album and other camera mysteries solved


Nazis 'planned gas attack' during UK war invasion


American History: The War in the Pacific


June 19, 2011


Germany's WWII offensive against Russia, 70 years later


June 17, 2011


Himmler's daughter aged 81: She works with neo-Nazis and helps SS officers evade justice


June 13, 2011


Top secret World War II past of Newtown's Lion Works


June 12, 2011


German WWII POWs in the U.S. remembered


June 9, 2011


Small line plans cruise to explore battlefields in the Pacific


Former World War II POW gives thanks for mystery's end


June 8, 2011


Military John Alison, daring WWII ace, dies in DC at 98


June 4, 2011


Grand opening of new WWII Museum pavilion gives visitors a sneak peek


June 3, 2011


A new World War II documentary honors a long day's dying at Omaha Beach


Naval Submarine Base Commemorates the 69th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway


Philippines, US to search for American WWII MIAs


NOAA, partners to search for ships lost in World War II off North Carolina


May 30, 2011


Library of Virginia seeks documents, diaries, mementoes from World War II veterans, families


May 29, 2011


Hitler 'gave go-ahead to Rudolf Hess mission to secure peace with Winston Churchill'


May 24, 2011


Nazis tried to train dogs to talk, read and spell to win WW2


May 15, 2011


A naive U.S. envoy among the Nazis


May 13, 2011


Millions Like Us: Women’s Lives in War and Peace 1939-1949 by Virginia Nicholson: review


May 12, 2011


Operation Crossbow: How 3D glasses helped defeat Hitler


May 11, 2011


Erik Larson Faces Nazis 'In the Garden of Beasts'


May 9, 2011


RAF aerial photos from WW2 used to discover location of £500m Nazi gold bunker


May 9, 2011


Classic Hollywood: The motion picture academy during wartime


May 9, 2011


Russians salute Soviet victory in World War II


May 8, 2011


Amazing Shangri-La rescue story


May 8, 2011


Germany opens World War II submarine yard as historic site


April 16, 2011


They All Knew They Were Right


April 15, 2011


Memories of World War II From Men Who Fought in the Pacific


April 9, 2011


An American Triple Threat


April 8, 2011


Sky 3D uncovers long-lost 3D film from Second World War


April 7, 2011


Luftwaffe Dornier 17 at Goodwin Sands 'still intact'


April 5, 2011


New Berlin exhibition on Nazi Eichmann


April 4, 2011


MI5 files: Nazis planned 'Fourth Reich' in post-war Europe


Spy Files: Nazi Plot in U.S. Blown by Drunken Blabbing, Idiocy


March 27, 2011


Rare World War II posters bring history alive


March 23, 2011


War Crimes Trial Of Suspected Nazi Death Camp Guard Ends In Germany


Bearing Witness Beyond the Witnesses


March 22, 2011


Hull blitz photos mark 70th anniversary of city's destruction


Former Montana National Guard brigadier general who flew captured Nazi leader dies at 99


March 18, 2011


Uncovering Soviet Photos of the Holocaust and World War II


March 17, 2011


Nazi secret plan inspires thriller


Italy's ambassador joins donation of World War II relics from Italian Air Force to Smithsonian


March 14, 2011


Photos of Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun surface and stir the web


March 13, 2011


Survivor recalls famous WWII battle at Iwo Jima


March 4, 2011


Archive of WW II Codebreaker Alan Turing Preserved by National Heritage Memorial Fund


Australia welcomes Japanese apology to POWs


March 3, 2011


Two World War II-Era Letters Arrive Decades Late


February 27, 2011


Douglas Waller's "Wild Bill Donovan," on the OSS spymaster


February 21, 2011


Japan digs site linked to WWII human experiments


Recounting Iwo Jima


February 20, 2011


Combat cameraman now playing a starring role


Navajo Code Talker Publishes Memoir


February 15, 2011


Japan Steps Up Search for Iwo Jima Dead


B-17 veteran back in air aboard a WWII-era bomber


February 14, 2011


Japanese Teachers Balk at Anthem That Glorifies Emperor


Alleged Nazi to face war crimes charge


February 9, 2011


“Fighter Aces of World War II: Hell in the Pacific” Released to DVD


February 8, 2011


U.C. Berkeley project documents real life 'Rosie the Riveters'


February 7, 2011


Hitler artifact could bring $1 million


London spy sites uncovered


February 6, 2011


France evacuates 6,000 Parisians after unexploded World War Two bomb discovered


February 5, 2011


Hitler aide Bormann 'escaped to Latin America'?


February 3, 2011


Auschwitz decays, prompting preservation effort


February 1, 2011


€6m revamp for D-Day museum


January 25, 2011


Nazi war crime probe launched from mystery photos


January 23, 2011


2 Calif groups battle for historic Navy ship


Oldest living Medal of Honor recipient dies in Hawaii


Decades later, justice for brothers’ ‘Nuremberg’


January 13, 2011


Germany critical of Greek stance in war claim


January 12, 2011


Book Review: Unbroken: a World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand


Paris In World War 2: Photos Of The Nazi Joie De Vivre


Ravenna WWII hero Colonel Bill Bower, 'Doolittle Raider,' dies


January 10, 2011


'Band of Brothers' inspiration Winters dies at 92


January 8, 2011


A forgotten European horror


China plans to rebuild Burma's World War Two 'Stilwell Road'


January 7, 2011


Documents show Nazis were furious over dog's mocking salute


January 4, 2011


Francis Lawrence To Director World War II POW Story


Museum of World War II a priority, says government


January 2, 2011


National Park Service Issues Grants To World War II Internment Camp Sites


January 1, 2011


Inspiration for WWII 'We Can Do it' Poster Dies at 84


December 30, 2010


London fire engine convoy marks Blitz anniversary


December 29, 2010


Stalin bust to return to D-Day Memorial


December 28, 2010


Cyr: Remembering the Battle of the Bulge


December 26, 2010


A 1944 Christmas miracle for Gen. Patton


December 25, 2010


Unseen images of Manchester Christmas Blitz


December 24, 2010


Fred Hargesheimer, World War 2 pilot who repaid his rescuers, dies age 94


December 23, 2010


Wartime letters shed light on couple's love affair during World War II


December 19, 2010


Second great fire of London: Christmas 1940, the blitz of St Paul's Cathedral


December 18, 2010


Frank Emi, Defiant World War II Internee, Dies at 94


December 10, 2010


AP: US report adds details on Cold War Nazi intel


December 9, 2010


Martinez veteran survived Pearl Harbor AND D-Day


December 8, 2010


Historians shed light on Texas internment camps


December 7, 2010


Pearl Harbor's New Visitor Center Informs, Inspires


New Book Chronicles World War II through the Eyes of a Child


World War II vets honored at annual Pearl Harbor Day ceremony


World War II vet recalls Pacific Theater


Americans Asked to Recall Sacrifices of World War II


December 5, 2010


Pearl Harbor Day train ride gives a taste of 1941


December 4, 2010


A tour of SF Bay's hidden military fortifications


November 27, 2010


Russian lawmakers say Stalin ordered massacre of Polish soldiers


Work on Second World War sub is approved


November 25, 2010


65 years later, WWII veteran opens up


Book review: 'Unbroken' by Laura Hillenbrand


Dutch seek fugitive Nazi war criminal from Germany


November 21, 2010


Germany opens new exhibit on Nuremberg trial


November 13, 2010


Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says


November 12, 2010


Holocaust film boycotted for being 'too gruesome'


November 11, 2010


Thousands turn out to honor NYC vets with parade


November 9, 2010


How a Little Man Became a Big, Big Marine in World War II and Beyond


November 3, 2010


Cambridge release footage of famous World War II rescue mission


WWII in HD: The Air War


October 31, 2010


Memories of kamikaze hit still vivid to World War II Navy Sailor


October 28, 2010


Hitler Planned to Hold Out in Austrian Alps, Allied Intelligence Indicated


October 24, 2010


Thousands evacuated in France for Second World War bomb disposal


Schindler Factory Museum takes visitors on a journey through a nightmare


October 23, 2010


Kin's 66-year search for World War II soldier Johnny Simonetti is finally over


October 21, 2010


Iwo Jima grave could hold 2,000 Japanese soldiers


October 19, 2010


Russia helps Britain repair Belfast WW II cruiser


October 14, 2010


Hitler exhibition opens in Germany


October 6, 2010


Bulgarian court sentences 2 Germans, 1 Bulgarian for stealing WWII Panzer tank


National Archives puts Nazi papers on public view


October 5, 2010


'No Ordinary Joes' Tells Stories Of Love And War


September 30, 2010


"Nuremberg": A lost war-crimes documentary lives again


September 28, 2010


D-Day Memorial removes Stalin bust


September 24, 2010


Aging vets tell tales for online generation


September 19, 2010


Crowds flock to the John Basilone Memorial Parade


September 17, 2010


Bentley Priory to be converted into Battle of Britain museum


September 15, 2010


Battle of Britain day 'a time to remember all who lost their lives in the conflict'


Britain Swastika Rare Nazi book detailing German plans invade Britain revealed


September 14, 2010


Boeing Tearing Down Historic Plant 2


September 13, 2010


Booked: World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic in “A Measureless Peril”


Book Review: Treason on the Airwaves: Three Allied Broadcasters on Axis Radio during World War II by Judith Keene


Former U.S. POWs Visit Japan as First-Time Guests


September 10, 2010


War story: US vet who caught Japan's Tojo speaks


September 6, 2010


70th Anniversary of WWII London Blitz


Dresden mayor 'to lobby against building of Bomber Command memorial’


US investors seek pay for pre-WWII German bonds


September 5, 2010


Second World War code machines displayed at Bletchley Park


September 3, 2010


65th anniversary of World War II's end marked


August 30, 2010


Battle of Britain veterans' pride as commemorative flight marks 70th anniversary


August 29, 2010


Original Navajo Code Talker still tells his story


August 28, 2010


US searching for remains of WWII Marines on Tarawa


August 23, 2010


Bill Millin, Scottish D-Day Piper, Dies at 88


August 19, 2010


'Star Wars' producer rolls into horror with 'Panzer 88'


Divers to pull WWII plane from Calif. reservoir


August 17, 2010


Book Review: A Big Anthology of World War II U.S. Submarine and Historic Stories by Paul W. Wittm


August 15, 2010


Japan PM shuns shrine, apologizes at WWII ceremony


Asia stops to remember end of World War II


August 13, 2010


On VJ Day, New Generations Remember


August 6, 2010


A Race Against Time: Actor Works to Capture War Stories


Japan's partial memories of World War II


August 5, 2010


How Second World War Still Fascinates, Horrifies and Educates


August 2, 2010


The final moments of Nazi Heinrich Himmler revealed in soldier's war diary


August 1, 2010


Book Review: The End of the Pacific War: Reappraisals


July 28, 2010


Nazi suspect indicted in Germany


Flight simulation recreates Warsaw after second world war


July 23, 2010


Lee Davenport tells his untold WWII story of the St.-Lo Breakout


July 19, 2010


1944 D-Day Video in Color - A Tribute To Our Troops


July 16, 2010


Stalin Bust Sparks Outrage Among Small-Town Residents


July 15, 2010


More than 900 World War II munitions found in Japan


July 14, 2010


US returns to Germany WWII-era looted art


July 10, 2010


Spitfires take to the sky to mark Battle of Britain's 70th anniversary


July 6, 2010


Worst generals’ memoir of World War II?


July 5, 2010


U. S. Navy photographs. The end of World War II.


June 28, 2010


Battle of Britain survivors: 'It was shoot or be shot'


Battle of Britain: the spitfire, envy of the enemy


June 23, 2010


Documents from Hitler's time in prison are to be sold


Nurse in iconic World War II kiss photograph dies


June 21, 2010


Opposition grows to Stalin bust at D-Day Memorial


June 18, 2010


WWII: D-Day and Operation Overlord - Photo Gallery - LIFE


Defiant De Gaulle War Broadcast Remembered


June 14, 2010


Auschwitz photos open window into Nazi psyche


Germans honor Green Bay pilot Donald Kuske, whose World War II crash saved lives


June 11, 2010


Museum of Krakow’s war-time history opens


June 6, 2010


65th D-Day anniversary marked in France


June 2, 2010


German bomb squad team killed trying to defuse second world war device


May 31, 2010


66 years later, missing WWII vet's dogtag returned to son


After 60 Years, Filipino WW II Vets Celebrate Victory


May 27, 2010


John Finn, Medal of Honor Winner, Dies at 100


May 25, 2010


Stalin blocked attempts to kill Hitler


May 23, 2010


Sixty-six years later, pair of World War II vets get their due


May 21, 2010


Heroes of WWII recall Dunkirk rescue at new show


Russian president orders all World War II archives to be on Internet by 2013


May 20, 2010


Files reveal Britain's secret biological weapons trials in second world war


May 17, 2010


Celebrated World War II flying ace dies in Calif.


May 14, 2010


Winston's War


The Man Who Never Was


May 10, 2010


War hero's weapons found in house clearance in Surrey


U.S. troops march in Moscow in salute to Allies' role in WWII


May 8, 2010


Europe Marks 65th Anniversary of End of World War II


May 7, 2010


65 years after WW2 – should Germans still feel guilty?


May 3, 2010


A new view onto the Third Reich 'center of evil'


John Basilone's last battle


May 1, 2010


Second World War 'Ghost Army' helped Allies win war


'Winston's War': A different take on Winston Churchill


Weapons of Second World War


World War II: Battle Of Stalingrad – part 1/5


April 30, 2010


German soldier who fought for Britain in World War II


April 28, 2010


World War Two Allies united for Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow


April 27, 2010


Historic D-Day battle site to be saved


April 25, 2010


Band Of Brothers author accused of fabrication for Eisenhower biography


Online project to shed new light on second world war


April 21, 2010


JFK's cane from World War II finds its way to Smithsonian


April 18, 2010


MI6’s WWII mission inspired opening sequence of Goldfinger


5 Places: Memories of the Pacific War


April 17, 2010


Russian parliament approves amnesty for WWII vets


April 16, 2010


Soldiers Who Liberated Nazi Death Camps Meet at Holocaust Museum


April 15, 2010


1944 D-Day In Color


April 13, 2010


The World at War to get HD makeover


April 12, 2010


Blast from the Past – The Technology of World War II


The National World War II Museum in New Orleans Smashes Attendance Records


April 7, 2010


Putin Marks Soviet Massacre of Polish Officers


April 4, 2010


Why America preferred to forget about the Pacific war – until now


April 3, 2010


Japanese Intelligence in World War II


April 1, 2010


Could Nazi Secret Weapons Have Changed the Course of War?


New evidence on WWII mystery of Raoul Wallenberg



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