Imperial Japanese Navy in World War 2


This pages includes a collection of resources focused on the Japanese Navy in World War II.


Imperial Japanese Navy:


Advanced Japanese Destroyers of World War II

Japanese destroyers, starting with the Fubuki, began the state of the art destroyer design for World War II. With enclosed, double turrets and heavy gun and torpedo armament, the Fubukis and their successors, the "special type," set the standard for all later design -- although the Japanese desire to pack as much as possible onto the ships tended to make them top heavy. With the design also went the tactics.


Imperial Japanese Navy

Contains listings of Japanese Navy ships and personnel.


The Imperial Japanese Navy

Includes specifications and rare photos of Japanese warships including those of the First Air Fleet.


Imperial Japanese Navy Page

Pictures of Japanese warships, their detailed information, their guns, torpedoes, sensors, their names, and the officers who led them in combat. On this site, you can also find out more about Imperial Navy's Air force.

Japanese aircraft, ships and historical research.


Japanese Aircraft of World War II

This is a reference site with photos, data, and info on most all of the Japanese aircraft of World War II. Over 120 aircraft types are covered.


Japanese Navy Ships

U.S. Navy's collection of Japanese World War II warship photos.


Kamikaze Images

Explores diverse portrayals and perceptions of the young men who carried out suicide attacks near the end of World War II. Examines both American and Japanese views. Includes reviews of various forms that create kamikaze images, including books, films, museums, Internet, and writings by kamikaze pilots.


Mechanisms of Imperial Japanese Navy Warships in 3-D

My goal is to collect (there is an extensive and illustrated reference section in this site) and use available technical and photographic material and the 3D authoring software True Space 6 and Photoshop to reconstruct accurate models of the mechanism of these ships.


Pearl Harbor Attack Resources Collection

EverythingWorldWar2's collection of information and resources dedicated to the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. This section also includes a listing of Pearl Harbor related museums and memorials.


Steve's IJN Submarine Page

This web site is an attempt to give information about the IJN Submarine Service from its inception on the 13/01/1905 until its demise at the end of WWII. This site is a purely statistical compilation of data. It does not glorify, condone or justify war in any way, shape or form.


Tullys Port - Historical Naval Discussions

Naval forum with a special emphasis on the Imperial Japanese Navy.


The Ultimate Yamato and Musashi Battleship Photo Archive

Welcome to the Internet's most comprehensive Photo Archive dedicated to the two greatest battleships ever constructed - the Yamato and the Musashi.


Yamato the Ultimate Battleship

All you need to know about the world's biggest battleship Yamato. Complete construction history, image gallery, participation in battles, location of wreck.



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German Navy
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Additional Resources:


World War II Navy Personal Stories Collection

EverythingWorldWar2's collection of resources dedicated to World War II naval personal accounts and stories.


World War 2 Naval Pictures and Photos

EverythingWorldWar2's assortment of resources that contain significant and noteworthy collections of World War II photos.


European & African Theatre

EverythingWorldWar2's collection of information and resources related to the World War II European and African theaters.


Pacific Theatre

EverythingWorldWar2's collection of information and resources focused on the Pacific and Asian theaters in World War II.


World War 2 Subject Index

Detailed index of EverythingWorldWar2's collection of information and resources related to World War II. This includes battles, maps, pictures, photos, documents, timelines, museums, forums, D-Day, Pearl Harbor, the European, African and Pacific war theaters, ships, u-boats, naval forces, aircraft, aviation, air forces, tanks, weapons, personal stories, military units, militaria, collectibles, books, video clips and special World War II topics.