Central and Western Pacific Campaigns in World War 2


This page contains a collection of resources on the Gilbert, Marshall, Mariana and Palau Islands campaigns in World War II. This page also includes a listing of the major battles fought during these western Pacific campaigns.


World War II Battles and Campaigns in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands:


November 20 - 23, 1943 
February 17 - 18, 1944 
November 20 - 24, 1943 
February 17 - 23, 1944 
January 31 - February 3, 1944 


Gilbert and Marshall Islands in World War II Resources:


Digital Micronesia--Marshalls World War II--An Electronic Library and Archive

In-depth and authoritative information on the Marshall Islands (Pacific). An electronic library and archive of primary sources covering people, culture, history, arts, environment, literature, demography, public health, politics, nuclear testing and economy.


HyperWar: The Gilberts

Operation GALVANIC: The opening of the Central Pacific Drive--the centerpiece of War Plan ORANGE from the beginning of planning for a potential war with Japan. After 2 years of building up forces, fighting a defensive war in the Southwest Pacific, and limited counteroffensives in the Solomons-Bismarcks and New Guinea, ORANGE would produce rapid advances thru the Gilberts (Nov 1943), Marshalls (Feb 1944), and Marianas (June-Aug 1944)--strategic victory that even the Japanese leadership recognized.


Kwajalein and Eniwetok

History Animated's recounting of the Battle of Kwajalein and and Battle of Eniwetok with animated maps.


Marshall Islands - U.S. Army Center of Military History

One of a series of fourteen studies of World War II operations originally published by the War Department's Historical Division and now returned to print as part of the Army's commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of that momentous clash of arms.


Western Pacific - U.S. Army Center of Military History

World War II was waged on land, on sea, and in the air over several diverse theaters of operation for approximately six years. The following essay is one of a series of campaign studies highlighting those struggles that, with their accompanying suggestions for further reading, are designed to introduce you to one of the Army's significant military feats from that war.


Tarawa and Makin

History Animated's recounting of the Battle of Tarawa and Battle of Makin with animated maps.


Tarawa on the Web

The Assault of the Second Marine Division on Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, 20-23 November, 1943.


Truk Atoll: February 16-17, 1944

VB-10 commander James Ramage recalls the spring 1944 Task Force 58 attacks on Truk Atoll, 'Japan's Pearl Harbor'.



World War II Battles and Campaigns in the Mariana and Palau Islands:


June 15 - July 9, 1944 
July 24 - August 1, 1944 
June 19 - 20, 1944 
September 15 - November 27, 1944 
July 21 - August 8, 1944 
September 17 - 30, 1944 


Mariana and Palau Islands in World War II Resources:


Battle of the Philippine Sea

History Animated's recounting of the Battle of the Philippine Sea with animated maps.


HyperWar: Approach to the Philippines: Capture of the Palaus

World War II: Pacific Theater of Operations: The seizure of the Palaus (Angaur, Peleliu) in preparation for the return to the Philippines in late 1944.


HyperWar: Marianas

World War II: Pacific Theater of Operations: The Central Pacific drive continues with the conquest of the Japanese-held Mariana Islands (Saipan and Tinian) and the liberation of Guam in mid 1944.



A Tribute to the Marines who fought the WWII battle of Peleliu.



Other Pacific Theater Resource Collections:



Additional Resources:


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The History Place - World War Two in the Pacific

Dramatics battle photos of US troops in action during World War II in the Pacific.


HyperWar - Pacific Theater of Operations

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Ships, units and persons who appeared in Pacific Theatre of Operations from 7 December 1941 to 2 September 1945.


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